Aging at Home

August 13, 2019

Aging at Home Recent surveys show that nearly 90% of seniors hope to and  plan to live in their current home for as long as they live, now termed “aging in place.” Some have lived in the same house for years or moved into their current home after retirement, to be closer to family, moved…

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Video Chat for Seniors

July 23, 2019

In our last posting, “Seniors and Technology,” we encouraged our readers to consider using FaceTime or similar technologies to connect with family or friends.  FaceTime and similar phone applications (app) allow the callers to see each other, in real-time, during the call. As we mentioned, using a FaceTime app allows a senior to see how…

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Seniors and Technology

June 13, 2019

Seniors and those recovering from surgery/injury can often feel isolated and/or afraid.   Caregivers, whether family or professional, can participate in their care and provide personal interaction, but often are only in attendance as needed. Fortunately, we have come a long, long way in how technology can help create needed connections to the “outside world.”…

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Matching clients and caregivers

May 21, 2019

Just Like Family Home Care is a provider of multiple services for those needing assistance in: Home health care matters, where staff are able to provide nursing and health care tasks, including reminding the client to take their medication.   Home care services,  when a client needs assistance in daily activities and personal care including…

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Plan for Help After Surgery or Hospitalization

April 12, 2019
Plan for Help After Surgery or Hospitalization

Imagine a close relative going through knee surgery. By all accounts, the surgery is to be simple and the patient should be able to be home that day and even walk up the stairs. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the outcome. The patient was hospitalized overnight and was incapacitated for days. While rare to have complications, many…

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Communication Skills with Seniors

February 28, 2019

Improving communication skills is good for all of us who are involved with seniors, and for the seniors themselves.   While much as been written about communications skills in general, this particular topic isn’t addressed as often.  Some of the most common statements made by senior citizens about communication issues are: Please don’t yell at me,…

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It’s okay to ask for help with caregiving!

January 31, 2019
It's okay to ask for help with caregiving!

As family members, and as friends, many of us are called upon at some time to consider assisting those close to us in connection with an illness/surgery or aging. As we take on those roles, we often feel guilty if we become overwhelmed. According to experts in these fields, it is important to consider the…

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Is it memory loss, Dementia or Alzheimer’s?

December 26, 2018

As we age, most of us will feel that we have become more forgetful.  The term “senior moment” has even become a common phrase to express how that feels when we forget why we went into a room, a friend’s name, or where the keys are.  For most of us, these events are normal. It…

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6 ways to improve memory

December 4, 2018

Many elderly people struggle over time with long-term and short-term memories. There are different ways to help avoid a rapid decrease of memory skills according to various studies. Below are 6 ways which might help you strengthen your memory. 1. Meditate to improve working memory Meditation helps you to become mindful and gain control over…

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Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Southwest Florida

September 21, 2018

Southwest Florida offers a plethora of activities, seniors can do with or without the assistance of care providers, depending on the health status. We have gathered a list of activities you might want to check out here in Naples and the surrounding area: Going for a walk: Walking around the neighborhood gives senior citizens the…

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