Heart Disease and How Just Like Family Home Care Can Help

April 26, 2024

Heart disease has a significant impact on seniors. The risk of having a heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease, and heart failure is significantly higher in people 65 years of age and above. Millions of seniors’ quality of life is diminished and their activities restricted by heart disease, which is also a major source of disability. Just Like Family Home Care can be a valuable resource for supporting heart health in seniors. Here are three key ways in which we can help:

  • Supporting Preventative Care with Nutrition and Well-being: The best line of defense to help identify cardiac problems early on is preventative care services, which include yearly physicals, lab testing, and screenings. In the case that the senior is unable to drive themselves and the family is unavailable, Just Like Family Home Care can help with transportation to and from appointments. A few healthy lifestyle choices that can help lower the risk of heart disease include increasing physical activity, eating a balanced diet, cutting back on alcohol, and giving up tobacco products.
  • Services to Support Recovery and Lower Readmissions to Hospitals: Returning home after a cardiac incident might be very stressful. Following the discharge instructions is important for lowering the possibility of being readmitted to the hospital. By handling duties like driving the senior home upon release, cleaning the house, collecting up prescriptions, sending out medication reminders, running errands, and more, the Just Like Family Home Care team can help with the transition back home and make recovery process less stressful.
  • Personal and Hygiene Care: Just Like Family Home Care can provide personal care services, such as light housekeeping, errand running, companionship, and more. Maintaining personal hygiene might become increasingly difficult both during and after recovery, particularly, when mobility changes. The staff at Just Like Family Home Care is happy to help while upholding dignity and offering support.

While every elderly person faces various needs, Just Like Family Home Care is available to assist seniors as they go through heart health journey. Our staff is here to help with all phases of heart health care, encompassing prevention, post-treatment rehabilitation, and continuing care.