Senior Activities for Summer 2022

May 31, 2022

As you grow older, paying extra attention to your daily activities is an essential part of aging well. Seniors who go outside, cultivate new hobbies, develop new skills, and keep moving in retirement may actually live longer and healthier lives. Remaining socially and physically active also lowers the risk of depression and anxiety. Having every-day interactions, engaging in a new hobby, and attending fun events improves mental health and prevents loneliness.

Even just an outdoor walk can help reduce blood pressure, lower blood glucose, and slash your risk of heart disease. Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, which can help fight osteoporosis, anxiety and depression. Vitamin D also boosts the immune system and improves brain health. Older adults are more prone to heat stress, so you should be exceedingly careful with activities in the heat.

Below is a list of outdoor and indoor activities to consider during the summer:

Relax and watch the sunset or spend the morning at the beach

Getting some fresh air is great for older adults, but seniors might need some extra care and preparation beforehand to make sure it’s safe. When picking a beach, keep factors in mind like local weather, nearby healthcare services, and other things that can affect your day. Take your beach trip early in the morning or later in the day, and consider wearing beach-ready shoes and mobility aids. Remember to stay hydrated and have fun! We recommend bringing a book or an audio-book. Learn more about senior beach safety here.

Visit a national park or community park

Southwest Florida has beautiful state parks. Knowing where to find a great outdoor park near your neighborhood is essential. With so many gardens and natural areas to explore, it’s always easy to enjoy a book outside, or gather with friends and family for a picnic. Consider visiting a Botanical Garden or going on a nature walk.


Fishing is a relaxing activity that can help lower stress and anxiety and it involves light physical activity that can be beneficial for seniors. Fishing is something all ages can enjoy, and it’s an excellent activity to share with grandchildren. To avoid scorching temperatures, go in the early hours of the morning or in the evening. Don’t forget to pack snacks, water, and sunscreen. Bonus: Florida residents age 65 or older do not need a recreational hunting, freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing license.


Golf is a timeless and ageless game with multiple benefits. Florida is one of the most popular golfing destinations in the world. Golfing works all muscles in your body, including your brain, and many golf courses have lounges where you can socialize and form new relationships. Learn more about public golf courses in Naples FL here.

Spend the day at a local Museum:

Immerse yourself in culture while escaping from high temperatures! Museums constantly “keep their cool” for conservation and preservation measures. This means you can count on art and history museums for some of the coolest escapes from the hot days of summer.

Stroll the Farmers Markets

Check the community events section in your local newspaper or news broadcasting. The summer season means farmers markets are in full bloom all over Southwest Florida. Farmers markets are a great way to stay active, have genuine conversations with your community, and enjoy local produce or refreshments.

Enjoy the Theater, Opera, or Live Music

Live music and outdoor events have gained popularity in many communities. Some places offer concerts, while others feature live plays or opera events. Matinees are a great way to escape the summer heat or the rain. Outdoor events often take place in the evenings when temperatures are cooler.

If you or your loved one need help or companionship to enjoy these activities and adopt healthier lifestyle choices, contact us today to find the right care for you.