Marcia T.

To whom it may concern, My name is Marcia T. and I am a contact person and friend of your client Patty R.   I would like to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of your representative, Susan C., as she had gone above and beyond to help with Patty’s care and resolution of problems.  She had spent time researching Patty’s Aphasia, support groups, new doctors and her communication with me has been excellent!! I have communicated with different healthcare facilities in the past years and Susan is the first representative that I have felt had empathy for Patty’s condition and truly pushes for her progress. I am not a family member and I do not make decisions for Patty; however, I feel much more confident knowing that Susan is on the job.  In other words, she’s a keeper!! Warmest regards from cold Buffalo, NY

H. Brenner

As the caregiver for my elderly first cousin (Evy) who was living at an assisted living facility in Naples I needed to find a service to do part time work for her that was not provided for by the facility. After looking at several companies I settled in with Just Like Family (JLF). They were able to provide 4 hour shifts twice a day in the beginning (10/2016). The women were always courteous and professional. They provided compassion and companionship to my 95 year old cousin. After a while, Evy required more help as her health and memory issues were declining . JLF was able to accommodate changes needed in her care with ladies who made Evy comfortable plus provided the companionship that she loved. Evy’s needs became more demanding when she approached 97. A decision was made by me with the great help of JLF to secure 24/7 help (9/2018 to 2/15/2021) with ladies who were not only dependable but knew how to handle Evy as her health issues and memory continued to decline. Barbara & Kathy were always available to find a replacement if someone was not able to do their shift. The ladies who took care of Evy decided to have a birthday party 4 days before her 99th birthday while she was in the care of Avow Hospice. They all came to her apartment, sang Happy Birthday, put some frosting to her lips (which she loved), and said their goodbyes. JLF is highly recommended for great home care either within a facility or at a person’s home.