Tenley C.

I was just thinking about this today after I got off the phone with my mom. Radin is the best thing that has ever happened to her.  I think Radin is doing a FANTASTIC JOB. It is incredibly hard to have a conversation with my mom. In fact, it’s impossible. And, how he can be so KIND to her, which she reports to me on a daily basis—with seriousness of purpose and enthusiasm in her voice, is nothing short of a miracle. I’m thankful that we got so lucky and that Radin was assigned to be my mother’s walking companion. I can’t say enough good things about him because I think his kindness has given my mom a reason to live – and that indirectly benefits my sister and I because despite her frailties, we want her to be alive. She is with us even when the things she says don’t quite make sense. It’s still her voice, her smile, and her eyes that we get to see and hear. Radin has also been great at helping me to keep in touch with my mom. Without his help, I would not have had the near daily contact that I have with her. So, if Radin EVER needs a reference, have the prospective client call me because I have nothing but good things to say about his work for our family.