Elise C.

It has been almost a year since we started working with Just Like Family Home Care and we wanted to take a minute to express appreciation for our primary care givers. They both are very professional, conscientious, caring, and wonderful to have in our lives. We know we can trust them in every way and know that they are looking out for our interests. During the day, my caregiver attends to our every need, anticipating how to help without being intrusive and showing endless patience in helping us through the seemingly endless stream of concerns and problems, big and small. She keeps our calendar straight, coordinates with other providers, fixes our meals and basically helps us with just about everything in our daily lives. At night, Esther is there instantly when we need her, unobtrusive but available with a lending hand or thoughtful suggestion. The other Home Health Aides from Just Like Family that have filled in have been there when we needed them, and we know that there is an office staff working with us and many other clients to make it all come together. The care and comfort provided to us has allowed us to remain in our lovely home and we are very appreciative of all they do for us. Thanks again for the excellent care we’re receiving, and please relay our sentiments to your staff.