Fawn Ponciano, B.A. (Hons.), SPHR.,

Executive Director/Administrator


I enjoy working with my team to ensure that we provide the absolute best care for our clients. Our work is very important as we truly make a difference in people’s lives. Seniors have needs, but our most important mission is to ensure that they are treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

I have been in Health Care Management for more than 15 years. My law and legal background provides the foundation for my position to ensure that our registry is utilizing the most up to date practices and advantages to deliver the best possible care for our clients.

I am driven by two groups of society that can sometimes be overlooked: Seniors and children. I cherish the time that I am able to dedicate to seniors and consider myself their champion. I am their voice at times when they are not heard. I always have the best interest of our clients at heart, even when they can sometimes doubt that others really care.

I enjoy being a part of the most incredible team; all dedicated to one common goal of referring the absolute best care for our clients. The support and dedication we provide one another to ensure that we are performing for our clients at the highest level and meeting all of their needs are what we are all about. Each day, I arrive with a sense of purpose to work together and treat one another Like Family. Whether it is our caregivers with the client or providing direction to our amazing staff, we all have the family mentality to lace in care and love in all we do.