Before hiring a caregiver…

March 27, 2018

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Facing the reality of finding a caregiver for a loved one can be very challenging. Trusting a person or company to take care of your family member is a big decision and there are several things to consider before choosing.

Before you make the decision here are five things you should do before selecting the a caregiver:


  1. Evaluate your needs

Determine what kind of services your loved one will need and how often.

  • How much time does the person in need of the service require supervision? Can the person be left alone for a certain extend of time?
  • Do you need a certified nurse to provide medical needs or a certified health care aid? Do you prefer a certified personnel? (This might be important for your budget)


  1. Does your insurance cover any of the caregiver services?

This will determine your budget and help you decide what kind of services you can use.


  1. Perform a background check

After you understand your needs and budget, make sure the person caring for your family member is someone you can trust. A background check will give you peace of mind knowing that no person with criminal record will enter your house and treat your loved one.


  1. What are your expectations

Help your caregiver understand what you expect

  • Many times, caregivers and caretakers will have different expectations. To avoid any miscommunication, make sure to write down anything that is important to you and discuss those points with the caregiver. This will help prevent any future misunderstanding.


  1. Make sure to involve the care receiver in the decision process
  • Give your loved one the opportunity to be heard. This is a very important decision in a difficult time which requires a lot of sensitivity.

Just Like Family Home Care offers the ultimate peace of mind when choosing a care provider. Our expert consultation will help you and your loved ones select the right services for your budget and refer fully qualified caregivers. Each caregiver we refer is hand-selected and has had their background thoroughly checked.