When our father was ready to leave the hospital, but did not qualify for residential rehabilitative care, we were totally lost. But, a charge nurse at the hospital recommended Just Like Family. We live at the other end of the state and it was frightening to trust a company we didn’t know to provide 24-hour home care services. From the outset the people at JLF have treated our father like he is a member of their extended families. He has experienced differing needs for care since then, and they have been incredibly flexible. When he needs more – they provide more. They even provided around the clock care riding out the storm with him when Hurricane Irma forced him into a special needs shelter for more than a week. When the inevitable issues have arisen, every person on the staff at JLF has acted promptly to make him happy. They are always available to us and have been responsive in every instance. I have found everyone in the company to be dedicated to the same thing – our father’s welfare. I simply couldn’t ask for anything more. Joe Will

Dear Liz and Jacob, I recently had reason to utilize nursing services from your firm. As an owner of two assisted living facilities and a licensed home health care agency in another state, I have had innumerable numbers of registered nurses in my employ. The nurse sent to my home to assist me after minor surgery, Shirley Vetrone is a textbook example of what a nurse should be. Intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable about what she was doing combined with her polite, pleasant and professional expertise makes her outstanding in her field. I felt privileged to have her at my bed side. You are fortunate to have a person of this caliber as an employee. Respectfully, Anthony R. LiBrizzi Ph.D.

Dear Ms. Nassberg, You’ve made a positive difference in the lives of our patients! THANK YOU so much for generously donating $175 to the 2013 Impact Initiative Chef Dinner to help your friends, neighbors and family members receive care at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida. Your gift comes at a key time as we work to meet the challenges of using limited resources to provide patients with the lifesaving care they need and deserve 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Thanks to you, we will continue to meet this challenge. THANK YOU AGAIN for your gift and for partnering with us in our lifesaving mission. Most sincerely, Sharon A. MacDonald Chief Foundation Officer

Dear Jacob and Elisabeth, I would like to put on the record the exemplary care your staff has provided to my mother Dorothy Vogel. Her primary live in caretaker is Launa Robinson and her service, attitude and understanding of the elderly is truly wonderful. I realize that my mother presents a challenge in many ways and the degree to which they have bonded and the daily constant support Dorothy receives is invaluable. This is a service not only to my mother but also to me, as I have confidence that my mother is receiving the daily personal attention that no institutional setting could offer. Beyond the job well done, Launa in my opinion serves God and humanity in an admirable way. Launa’s communication skills are excellent and I applaud the screening and training that your caregivers evidently receive. A secondary caregiver Opal Largie also deserves mention as her help and willingness to go beyond the narrow confines of the job to help my mother is also worthy of commendation. Many families have difficult situations and I would recommend and endorse your agency to any other family needing assistance, your work allows our senior members to live out their lives in dignity in the homes and memories they built during their active years. May we all be so fortunate! Please feel free to use this letter as you see fit as it’s written from my heart and expresses things that mother, due to her age and limitations can no longer express. Sincerely, Jeffery Vogel Son of Dorothy Vogel

At this time of loss we learn how much our friends and family mean to us. Your kindness and sympathy will always be remembered. By the family of Marth J. Davis Dear Shirley, Thank you so much for your care of my mother in March of this year. You were both competent and caring. My entire family is so appreciative of all you provided for all of us. You are incredible in what you do for others. The family of Marty Davis

Dear Alissa, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the kindness and courtesy with which you perform at your job. Thank you so very much! I feel very, very, supported and assisted in all of Alan’s scheduling needs with Just Like Family. There is always a smile in your voice and I am grateful for your help and your kindness- along with the bright & happy attitude that you always project. Sincerely, Jeanette M. Lombardi, P.A.

Dear Friends, This will confirm that the service your personal care workers have provided to me since January will come to an end when Johnny attends to me one last time next Friday, April 12th, 2013 at 9A.M. I have been perfectly served by Johnny and well-served by Stanley and Mark form time to time. I expect to be back about Nov. 1st, 2013 and will be calling you in the hope of renewing the services of Johnny at head. Sincerely, Richard J. Stanbury Naples, FL.

Hi Katie, I was just thinking about this today after I got off the phone with my mom – that Radin is the best thing that has ever happened to her. She sounds happier with him than she was with either of her husbands! :) I think Radin is doing a FANTASTIC JOB; it is incredibly hard to have a conversation with my mom – in fact – it’s impossible – and so how he can be so KIND to her (which she reports to me on a daily basis—with seriousness of purpose and enthusiasm in her voice) is nothing short of a miracle. I’m thankful that we got so lucky and that Radin was assigned to be my mother’s walking companion. I can’t say enough good things about him because I think his kindness has given my mom a reason to live- and that indirectly benefits my sister and me because despite her frailties, we want her to be alive; she is with us even when the things she says don’t quit make sense—it’s still her voice, her smile, and her eyes that we get to see and hear. Radin has also been great at helping me to keep in touch with my mom – without his help – I would not have had the near daily contact that I have with her. So, if Radin EVER needs a reference, have the prospective client call me because I have nothing but good things to say about his work for our family. Sincerely, Tenley A Carp

Dear Just Life Family, On behalf of Harry Chapin Food Bank’s Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and especially our neighbors in need, thank you for the accumulative 61 pounds of food you collected 11/7/2012. Your food donation supports the distribution of food in our five county service areas (Lee, Collier, and Charlotte, Hendry, and Glades counties). Your generous donation is a contributing factor to our success in fighting hunger in Southwest Florida. Due to the significant increase in the demand for food in our five county service areas, because of our local housing crisis and growing unemployment rate, our organization has implemented cost effective and innovative programs to increase our overall distribution of nutritious food. Our success evidenced by our more than 15 million pounds of food and other grocery products, valued at more than $24.9 million per year. This is roughly the equivalent to 12.5 million meals to people in need. If you have not been to our facilities I would like to offer, you, co-workers, family, or friends a personal tour of our warehouse located at 3760 Fowler St, Fort Myers, FL. Thank you. Respectfully submitted, Bedzaida Bryen Volunteer Manager

Dear Jacob, Just a short note telling you how please we are with my mother Irene’s companion. Lyuba has turned out to be an essential and loving addition in her life. There were so many aspects to address this summer. Your agency helped enormously as we began the process of long term care. I am so grateful for all your time and information, along with your willingness to work with the insurance company on the billing procedures. However, the suggestion to connect us with Lyuba was brilliant! Yes, Lyuba takes care of my mother in a custodial way, but the love and concern that she feels for her is immeasurable. So many times she has gone beyond the call of duty. What a relief for our family to know that when Lyuba is there, we do not have to worry. Thanks for being the kind of agency we would highly recommend to others, and thank you for sending us Lyuba. Sincerely, Anita Mason

Lis and Jacob, Shirley recently assisted one of our patients. She has helped with many of our patients here at Dr. Hansen’s office. I have to say that she is a true asset to your team. She is very professional, caring and has a wonderful personality. We are always rest assured when we know she will be doing after care for our patients. Kind Regards, Marie Jackson Patient Coordinator

May 10th is my birthday. Gillion arrived at her usual time around 8:00 A.M. When she came in she gave me a big hug and kissed me saying “Happy Birthday” and had this large balloon with “Happiest Birthday” on it. I thought that was just great because my daughter Sharon had a migraine and couldn’t come. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect a Birthday cake that she served for dessert with ice cream if we wanted it, and of course we did. Gillion is here to take care of my husband, Buddy, as she calls him. I know my husband appreciated what she did for me as much as I did. We love Gillion as much as she loves us. We know she love us as much as we love her by what she does. The days Gillion can’t come we miss her very much! She’s a wonderful person and always finds something good to say about everyone, except some drivers! We love you Gillion!!!! Lots of love and kisses, Buddy and Dot—oh excuse me to Gillion I’m Ms. Doris. We just love and adore you, Buddy and Ms. Doris P.S. Maybe one day you’ll call me “Dot.” P.S.S. You’re a great house cleaner, also.

It has been almost a year since we started working with Just Like Family Home Care and we wanted to take a minute to express appreciation for our primary care givers. They both are very professional, conscientious, caring, and wonderful to have in our lives. We know we can trust them in every way, and know that they are looking out for our interests. During the day, my caregiver attends to our every need, anticipating how to help without being intrusive and showing endless patience in helping us through the seemingly endless stream of concerns and problems, big and small. She keeps our calendar straight, coordinates with other providers, fixes our meals and basically helps us with just about everything in our daily lives. At night, Esther is there instantly when we need her, unobtrusive but available with a lending hand or thoughtful suggestion. The other Home Health Aides from Just Like Family that have filled in have been there when we needed them, and we know that there is an office staff working with us and many other clients to make it all come together. The care and comfort provided to us has allowed us to remain in our lovely home and we are very appreciative of all they do for us. Thanks again for the excellent care we’re receiving, and please relay our sentiments to your staff. Kind Regards, Jim and Elise Connell

Hi Alissa, I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Just Like Family for your excellent care and assistance with my father, Edward Miller. Your team is amazing and really made him feel comfortable with his first home care experience. My Dad has gone back to Boston but will be back in the Naples area again. I will call in advanced for your services for sure! Thanks again for all your help- you were so accommodating and pleasant to work with (as was Jacob)! Christine Miller

Jacob, I would like to take the time out to thank you and your agency for your wonderful and efficient services. I would also like to give recognition to Ms. Nancy Yvonne Kennedy for her level of warmth and care she provided to our residents. Her welcoming manner towards the staff and residents here made our care for them as a team exceptional. Yvonne has displayed professionalism, competency in her field and compliance to policies and procedures in our facility. Working with dementia is difficult at times, but Yvonne’s caring attitude has always remained the same. She is a great representative for your agency and I look forward to working with her and your agency in the future. Please extend my sincere gratitude to Yvonne. Best regards, Linda Alvarez, LPN/Unit Manager Aristocrat ALF

I wanted to thank you for all of your help during my mom’s Margot Adams, best days. Your care was so appreciated during the night & we had great confidence in your “watch.” Thankfully, my mom no longer has to struggle & she is at peace. On behalf of the Adam’s family, we wish you well in your career. Lisa Adams

Naisys Rodriguez was reliably prompt, well-trained, mannered, dutiful & efficient. Which is to be expected of any in home aide but Naisys was so much more. She was kind to my 89 year old mother, who has Parkinson’s disease. She listened to her. They bonded. When the dementia got “loud” Naisys calmed her, quieted her. She really cared. As Naisys got used to the household routine, she provided extra help by taking initiative in many other areas. My 85 year old dad did not want assistance after a back injury, but Naisys treated him with respect & dignity- and he was able to welcome & enjoy her presence. Naisy came to work for us as an employee, and left as a friend. Jody L. Oliver Naples, Florida